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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  August 24, 2012 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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men were hit by gunfire. mayor bloomberg says it's possible the victims were shot by police as they tried to stop johnson. johns so was fired from his job at a nearby building last year but had an ongoing feud which ended in today's killing. >> it's a terrible thing. our thoughts are for the murder victim and then prayers that thank god no one else was seriously injured and that they will all recover. >> reporter: bloomberg tout's new york as one of the safest cities but it almost wasn't. mayor bloomberg expects all nine victims to make a full recovery. meanwhile, an investigation continues to figure out why this ended in violence. chris palone, nbc news. continuing coverage on one of the deadliest summers in san jose history. there's been 81 homicides just in the last 11 days.
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the body count stands at 33. by contrast, there was a total of 20 murders for all of 2010. all of this has several city leaders and a state legislator putting pressure on outside help. the chief outlined his strategy for outlining the violence and demand that he bring in the chp. >> reporter: he's been walking the streets of san jose for decades trying to get kids out of gangs. today jerry is walking the halls of city hall to tell the task force what the word on the street is. >> the children going to school saying we have to get the scraps. that's what the word is out there. >> reporter: surrounded by other crime-fighting agencies that vow to help san jose fight this crime, the police chief announced the city is allocating $800,000 for police overtime. but moore also announced he is not asking the chp for help,
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prompting county supervisor, a veteran, to react with a military term. >> broken arrow. that means an american unit has been overrun and send all possible resources and i think we're broken arrow right now. >> you disagree? >> i do. we have staffing issues. nobody is trying to pretend otherwise. >> reporter: the chief acknowledges there's a hunl challenge ahead f challenge. >> for the month of june we had 16 gang-related incidents. >> reporter: the chief keeps fighting to put more boots on the ground and help jerry amato take back the streets. damian trujillo, nbc news. >> the safe way stabbing, michael howard, accused of stabbing a college student to death inside of that east san jose safeway three days ago made his first court appearance today. his hearing lasted less than 30
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seconds as the judge referred howard to a public defender and referred him to next week. police have ruled out gang activity but aren't saying in the two menu each other. the east bay teenager who struck and killed a father and daughter as they rode their bikes in concord appeared in court today. he pleaded not guilty but he's being charged as a juvenile not as an adult. he was behind the wheel of an suv when he hit and killed a man and his 9-year-old daughter back in april. investigators say speed and an illegal lane change contributed to this crash. but the widow and mother of the victim says she believes the teen needs to face stiffer penalties. she's upset he's being prosecuted as a juvenile. >> i just want justice.
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i just want justice. >> to think that this young man just faces juvenile court and that will soon be over for him, it just isn't justice. >> the prosecutor says the law prevents him from automatically charging the teen as an adult. he says he will be pushing for the maximum penalty in the juvenile system. a penalty that could put the teen behind bars until he's 21 if convicted. well, he ran a peninsula charity to help those in need but authorities say a 74-year-old man instead used that money to help his own needs, gambling. kimberly is live where she talked to the district attorney about this case. good evening, kimberly. >> reporter: good evening, the suspect is essentially accused of draining the account and this happened over a span of a decade. >> these are tough times but that doesn't mean you get to take from other.
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>> reporter: we tried to talk to the 74-year-old man who pleaded not guilty to embezzlement charges. the president of the association is accused of taking $68,000 from the nonprofit, which lists this home also in daily city as its base of operations. the san mateo district attorney said the problem came to light after the board of nonprofit started to ask to see the books. >> they said, we'll go directly to where the account is and when they went there, instead of having approximately $68,000 in the account, they had $19. and that, of course, would make anybody start asking more questions. >> reporter: the san mateo district attorney says that reyes made awithdrawls. >> he was spending the money betting the ponies. i'm sure mr. reyes was thinking to himself, the next race will
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get me the money and i'll be able to make them all whole and as it occurs for em bezer. >>s that have gambling problem, it gets deeper and deeper and deeper. >> reporter: reyess had served as president since that time. he's he can pebted in court on september 6th. co-face up to three years in prison if found guilty. live in san mateo, nbc news. breaking news this evening. the fight over smartphones. a verdict is in and the billion dollar patent trial based in san jose but around the world. apple versus samsung, both accusing each other of stealing their ideas. scott butt mdman is on the phon. scott, a billion dollars was awarded and this local jury worked quickly, didn't they? >> they did, raj.
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>> okay. we seem to have -- scott, i think we're losing you here. we seem to have audio difficulties. if we can re-establish the line with you. samsung has essentially found that apple won this case, more than $1 billion in path tent co copyright cases here? a series of suspicious devices forced residents to evacuate today in the tenderloin on jones street. they found several pipes cut down and sealed in the basement. the bomb squad was called in after officers determined that those items may be hazardous. 75 people were forced out onto the street for several hours while the package was being checked. ultimately, investigators determined that they were not hazardous. state lawmakers are now moving to ease some regulations on utilities in hopes of avoiding another san bruno type
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pipeline disaster. a bill passed unanimously this week. if signed into law t. would reduce the amount of environmental review that pipeline projects must undergo, meaning utility companies could act more quickly to maintain and replace aging or damaged pipes. the bill comes in the wake of the san bruno pipeline explosion that killed eight people and dozens of homes. the drama continues to sail across the bay. the sailors love the conditions on the san francisco bay. 11 teams representing eight nations trying to get to sunday's championship race. >> lawrence scott has more on all of the action. lawrence? >> reporter: hey, thank you. it was a wild day on the water. there was a crash that happened just at the start of fleet racing that we'll show you in just a matter of moments. but right now the boats are docked here at marina green. as we take a look at all of the
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sights and sounds and all of the people behind them. sharing the stories of the america cup's world series starts in san francisco but is broadcast around the world on the world feed. one of the announcers blending education with action. >> for the nonsailor or even for the sailor sometimes it's quite difficult to follow because the boats are not going, you know, directly from one mark to the next. they are cris-crossing and going upwind and down wind. it's important for us to explain that story and make it understandable to follow what the race is actually is and how it's unfolding. >> reporter: and it's aided in part by the technology. >> therefore, the onboard cameras, the onboard audio is very important to follow the people and understand what they are trying to -- their thought is and the game play and how this sport is played, really.
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>> reporter: and it was well-played by new zealand who advanced to the semifinals along with the team usa crew who took out the french energy team to make saturday's final four, all of this before the fleet racing where they crash at the very start ending his day. a tough break and they are fixing the boat as we speak. we will hear from cirrus sir russell at 6:00. sending it back to you two in the studio for now. >> we want to send it back now to san jose in front of that courthouse. scott budman is joining us now. this is that billion dollar trial. apple against samsung. scott, we lost you with technical difficulties but this is really a big convict treel for apple right now? >> reporter: yeah, you're absolutely right, raj. >> okay. once again, we're having some technical difficulties. it's been one of those days. but we'll get scott back after
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this break. seemingly, like we said, it's a big victory for apple or samsung in terms of apple infringement in terms of the smartphones and tablets. we're back after this break. stay with us.
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decision 2012. three days now before the republican convention begins in florida. tropical storm isaac is threatening to wash out the site. the political storm is gaining steam. today mitt romney used a trip to his birth state to take a shot at president obama and the rumor surrounding his birth place. we have team coverage tonight and we begin with nbc bay area steve handeslman in washington. >> thank. good evening. rejecting conspiracy theories, today he seemed to revive them. >> his name is mitt romney and
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he's going to be the next president of the united states of america. the running mates came together to campaign in michigan and ann and mitt are michigan natives which romney thinks it gives them a chance to win this swing state and today to take a shot at president obama. >> nobody's ever asked to see my birth certificate. they know that this is the place that we were born and raised. >> reporter: democrats howled, romney enlisted in the birther movement. >> this is the type of butterball politics that i think will and should turn the american people off. >> reporter: romney ratcheting up his rhetoric. >> i don't want four more years of what we have, do you? >> no. >> reporter: they hope to up the energy of their convention. >> kentucky, 45 votes. >> reporter: they've moved a nomination roll call, so iconic
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that it's all over youtube, to monday night from the traditional wednesday, to kick off tampa with a tv-friendly vi visual bang. it looks like less likely the bang will come from trop tal storm isaac. but the big storm near florida has a lot of gop delegates asking questions. >> sure. we're giving them updates. again, we're watching the situation very closely. >> reporter: mitt romney hoping nothing spoils his four days in the spotlight. now for a look at how the southwest coast of florida is bracing and preparing for the big storm. let's go to nbc's jay gray in ft. myers. jay? >> reporter: hey there, steven. thanks a lot. isaac already a massive system and it's growing in intensity and also growing is concern and preparations along the coast. tropical storm isaac continues to gather strength as it rips through the caribbean.
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still miles off shore, rain is picking up in the dominican republic, the next target before it turns towards florida and the gulf. >> florida is still florida and hurricane is still a hurricane. we need to take everyone seriously. we need to be prepared, not afraid but prepared and ready to take action to protect ourself. >> reporter: lake county officials are already mapping out their plan. >> we are making sure that all of our supplies and equipment are in place and functional so that should the storm come closer we're able to ramp up and be ready. >> reporter: still days away, florida is already feeling the effects of the system. gas prices jumped overnight due to fears that the storm will slow shipping and shut down refineries in the gulf. crews have installed rain shields in tampa where there's growing concern isaac could be an unwelcomed guest as 65,000 show up for the convention next week. >> in terms of an actual evacuation of the city of tampa, that is my call. >> reporter: a call mayor bob
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buckhorn hopes he'll never have to make. the current forecast shows tampa will get a glancing blow as it takes aim at the coast. but the path can change quickly. >> hopefully we won't have to do anything more but we're ready if we have to be. >> reporter: prayers and preparations echoed by hundreds and thousands watching isaac along the gulf coast. now, landfall is still a few days away but that's valuable time according to emergency officials. for those in the forecast path of this storm to prepare their evac path and continue their preparations for this storm. live in ft. myers, i'm jay gray. raj, back to you now. >> thank you, jay. in the courtroom in san jose, essentially apple beats samsung. we've had technical difficulties with scott budman. scott, what are the details here? a billion dollars on the line, sdplekt. >> yes.
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it's a big win for apple as we solve our technology problem in essentially what is a big problem for the biggest technology company settled very, very quickly. less than three days deliberation for the jury and the settlement very one-sided. samsung said to have violated several of apple's iphone and very specifically the home screen where you start when you use your samsung phones and your iphone. the damages, as you mentioned, raj, staggering, $1.05 billion that samsung was ordered to pay to apple because of the patent violations. on the other hand, apple found not to have violated any of samsung's patents. we look forward to a lot of disputes about this but we can tell you investors very happy and after-hour trading, apple shares reaching an all time high. >> scott budman reporting live from san jose. >> we hear an appeal is already
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in the works. okay. jeff ranieri is in san francisco bay enjoying the boats out on the water. he joins us live now. >> it's been an intense day out here in san francisco at marina green where all of this action is free. come on down and check out the waves that have been kicking up. the wind at 20 to 30 miles per hour. in fact r, the announcer said i was action a plenty. there's eight different countries and 11 different teams and on each boat there are five crew members. one of the most important is the skipper and joining us today, phil robertson, the skipper of china team. you actually steer the boat? >> yeah, i do. my role on board is to steer the boat and drive it around the course and it's really, really exciting and what a role to have. >> and how hard is that in the san francisco bay? it seems pretty challenging. >> it is a real challenge. it's the best sailing in the world, to be honest and it comes right on time and perfect every
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day. the more wind it s. the more exciting it is out there for the racing and, yeah, it is a challenge. you have the tide that you have to deal with and also the breeze. >> and you were mentioning in the water there's things you look for. real quickly, what can you tell me you look out for as we pan out? >> what we're looking for out on the water is different patterns, i guess, that you see on the water. the darker shades generally mean there's a lot more wind and lighter shades it's lighter. breeze is the biggest factor when you're sailing a boat and the more wind you can get in, the faster you're going to go. >> reporter: it's interesting. we saw things change up pretty quick. we appreciate it, phil robertson with the china team. as we look at the forecast for the next 48 hours, what we're going to find is this breeze is going to continue up against the coastline with temperatures in the 60s. next 48 hours we have plenty of action out there in pacific. we're tracking a storm system. it's going to stay off to the north but will help to cool down
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temperatures as we head into this weekend. that will keep us, well, with the 50s and 60s at the coastline and also plenty of fog and a lot of wind what they like out here at the america's cup. world series as we head into saturday and sunday. mild and also warm inland with a mix of 70s and also 80s. not too cool there for you in those interior valleys. mid-80s in livermore and pleasanton and walnut creek. you need the jacket with mid-60s. here's the forecast for the america's cup world series with live coverage right here on nbc bay area on sunday in the 11:00 hour in the morning. temperatures in the 60s and there you go. there's the wind like you like it. 20 to 30 miles per hour maybe gusting even higher. and did you know that the courses are not actually a straight line when you come out here you may see those boats twisting and turning in all different directions. as phil mentioned, they are trying to catch the best breeze and best current in that water. on your seven-day forecast, we'll find temperatures warming up as we head throughout next week. eventually some 90s coming on back down the road.
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but overall, not a bad forecast as we head throughout the next 48 hours. i've got to tell you, we were working on getting out on a boat but it is so rough, we're going to try to do it in. the 6:00 p.m. phil said, it's not that rough out here. >> it's not that rough. >> almost hanging over the side. >> i know. i was like, find the horizon. find the horizon. >> thanks, jeff. if you're a fair goer looking for a fun ride, you get a bit more than they bargained for. back in a minute. [ laughter ] [ girl ] wow. you guys have it easy.
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for the second straight day, the minnesota fair came to a halt. two dozen passengers were left hanging when the stratosphere stopped twirling. advertises the tallest swing in the road, this marked the second straight day of malfunction. after dangling in the midday
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sun, they managed to get the ride going again. when one little girl was asked if she had any advice for future stratosphere riders, she said, quote, people should go to the bathroom first. we're back in a moment.
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we have giants baseball tonight so coming up at 6:30 we're airing a special edition of the giants clubhouse and you can watch the giants against the atlanta braves. okay. it's going to be a great night and great game. see you back here at 6:00.
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